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The Guild of Music Supervisors & Mondo.NYC Present​

The Second Annual NYC Guild of Music Supervisors Education Event & Film Festival Friday, October 18, 2019


An immersive full-day symposium to meet, network and learn from some of the top music supervisors and industry executives in the fields of advertising, film, TV, video games and trailers about how they do what they do.

Williamsburg hotel panel audience

The all-day event focuses on how music supervisors are in the bull’s eye of the music industry including labels, publishers, music editors, directors, producers, agents, brands, as they interface with visual media.

Panelists include noted global, NYC and LA-based music supervisors, composers and sync and master licensing execs.


Mondo.NYC is proud to launch an association with The Guild of Music Supervisors, (GMS) a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the craft of music supervision for the mutual benefit of all media stakeholders in film, television, games, advertising, trailers and emerging media. The Guild is an educational and professional resource for Music Supervisors and those working in related fields across the media spectrum. This day will explore the opportunities and challenges of supervision and sync & master licensing and how related technologies like blockchain may impact them.