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N.O.R.D – 11 Trinity Place, New York, NY 10006

6 October

21:00 Miranda Writes

Miss Writes has been proclaimed by the legends of the genre as ” a breathe of fresh air”  for her fortified  90’s feel and flow. She is often compared to Eve, McLyte, Eve, DaBrat, Queen Latifah, and  Lauryn Hill to name a few.

21:45 Villins

Villins are a music duo based in New York City featuring singer Jesyka and guitarist/producer Kareem “Jesus” Devlin (Kareem was given the nickname “Jesus” by Lady Gaga as the lead guitarist on her Monster Ball Tour). Villins formed in early 2016 when after working together on other projects, Jesyka & Jesus focused their efforts as a songwriting and creative team.

22:30 Mike Erickson Band 

The friendship began in Harlem and has evolved in all of New York City. MEP is a few friends who get together to do what they know best; create music that brings the best out in each other, and consume lots of lamb over rice.

TBC – Royal Khaos

Royal Khaoz stands as a unit whose sole purpose is to bring an energetic vibe through music. The unit as a band has evolved over the years they have been together and now believe they are what and whom they started out to be. With all members native to Jamaica, Royal Khaoz presents their music in the form of fusion – hence, Reggae Fusion. With frontman Bama as the lead vocalist, solid drum and bass and a steady rhythm section, the band possesses the ability to represent reggae in its truest form and at the same time, put their own twist on it which appeals to a wider audience.

7 October

19:00 Sedgwick

Sedgwick s a new musical duo made up of local Brooklyn musicians Kitt Flamer Caldera and Otis Sedgwick. The group plays original songs written and composed by themselves. They play multiple genres as well as acoustic and electric songs.

19:45 – Samantha Kromphold

Passionate singer and songwriter, devoted acoustic guitarist  shares a connection with the world. Called “more then just a pop artist” on, her genuine and positive nature is a breath of fresh air in an industry that craves the oxygen. New Jersey native is a young newcomer to the pop music industry with a soulful voice and refreshing spirit that is wise beyond her years.

20:30 – Dylan Running

An Americana band (think- female Neil Young) dedicated to maintaining the integrity of music in the twenty-first century. Members include Liz Graham, DJ Prius and other notable characters.

21:15 Ariah &

Ariah & is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter whose work is fronted by a haunting, wide-ranged vocal with a soulful, velvety tone. Recommended for fans of Florence + The Machine, Laura Marling, Lake Street Dive, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Daughter

23:00 Judi Jackson

Judi Jackson is a multi-talented vocalist from Roanoke, Virginia. Judi has performed on a variety of stages with a myriad of world-class talents. Introduced to the world of music through the Jefferson Center’s Music Lab, Judi spent her early years immersed in a school for young artists and musicians to learn, practice, and perform their talents. At the age of 14 Judi was fortunate enough to meet Wynton Marsalis at the Jefferson Center performance hall after a show. He sent her a box of music the following Christmas that became the seed of inspiration for her development as a jazz vocalist. She began listening to and studying the sounds of Blossom Dearie, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mahalia Jackson, amongst many other greats. She continued studying over the next several years and started gaining more experience as a performer by opening for acts such as Mavis Staples. Judi has shared the stage with Snarky Puppy, and recorded her original piece, “Only Love”, last spring with the Grammy award winning group.

23:59 Xiomara Lauggard

Those who have entered Cuba through Jose Marti International Airport in Havana will know that upon arrival, they are greeted by beautiful video images of Old Havana on TV screens and the sultry voice of XIOMARA LAUGART singing “Hoy mi Habana”. And it is no coincidence because Xiomara “La Negra” Laugart is “The Voice of Cuba”. She has been representing her country and her people, performing at venues around the globe for over 30 years and with the greatest of international talents.

TBD DoubleTrouble

Identical twins Heavily influenced by 90s acoustic rock & bands like Mazzy Star. They weave haunting sonic vibrations with a familiar comfort which will leave you longing for more.

8 October

20:00 Adam Ahuja

Drawing influence from the spheres of jazz, rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, electronic, world, and some Vanilla Ice dance partying at age six, Adam Ahuja uses his musical toolset to meld a love for groove with an obsession with harmony, while flavoring compositions with metaphysically-bent singing and rhymes.  Ahuja’s career path has careened; from pre-med and strategic policy consulting, to keyboard-freelancing the streets of New York City, to upstarting NYC-band ‘The Flowdown,’ to in-studio guitar work with Meatloaf, playing organ for Robert Randolph and the Family Band nationally, and recently beginning a music organization Infinity Gritty in partnership with Ropeadope Records.  Along the journey, Ahuja has honed in the focus on his solo craftwork, heeding the inspiration of late mentor and former Blue Note Records CEO Bruce Lundvall: “never stop listening.”

21:00 Camp Heroes

Camp Heroes are an experimental Hip Hop duo comprised of Mike Boucher of Queens and Josama of Brooklyn/LES/Uptown. The duo is an authentic representation old NYC and its numerous alternative schools of thought.  Their music is all-encompassing.  Heavily influenced by all the elements of Hip Hop, skateboard life, punk rock, reggae, jungle, jazz, mind expansion, return of super consciousness, magic, math, science, and pushed by an unseen force from beyond the veil, some describe their tune as the missing link from the golden age of hip hop.  These Heroes come barring unexpected ancient futuristic presents, gift wrapped with rhyme book paper to break barriers in the music industry. The production on their current project is by Rusty Mac and Harry Fraud.

22:00 Bonfire Falls

Bonfire Falls is a storytelling folk ensemble that is not afraid to rock. Combining powerful, intricate harmonies and lush instrumentation with poetic lyrics, they are profound yet accessible and endlessly rewarding upon each listen. Whether dancing jubilantly to the thunderous beat of winning, or strolling along a dirt road with stars over telephone wires, Bonfire Falls will move you long after the music is over.

TBC Tansu
Berklee grad pop singer TANSU grew up around the world, using music to keep her grounded. With a background in musical theater and powerhouse vocals, TANSU brings a refreshingly raw take on today’s pop music. New single “These Things” is out now, produced by American Authors’ Dave Rublin. She currently resides in Harlem.

“With a bigger-than-life vocal presence, this brand new indie pop act could easily shake up the the scene.” – The Music Ninja